Residential Propane & Fuel Oil Programs

Your neighbors may be playing less for heating oil or propane this heating season with our convenient residential programs! With our EvenPay budget program plan and Monitored Delivery Service you’ll see how simple, fast, inexpensive and convenient heating your home with Edwards could be.

Pricing Programs

1. Market Price

Market price means that you will be billed the market rate for #2 fuel oil or propane at the time of your purchase.  Fuel and propane prices fluctuate significantly throughout the year, but some customers prefer this option – especially those who own their tanks and don’t want to commit beyond one fill-up, or those who are on fuel assistance.

2. Flexible Fixed Pricing

Due to the constantly changing nature of propane and fuel prices, it can be stressful to know when the best time to buy is.  “Flexible Fixed” pricing allows customers to ensure themselves the best pricing possible! 

When you commit to your payment plan up front, your price will never go up, even if fuel prices rise.  Plus, if prices drop, we adjust your price downwards – it truly is the best of both worlds!

Customers need to declare how many gallons they would like to purchase and agree to payment structure through Edwards.  Otherwise, your price will fluctuate with the market each time you buy.

Payment Options

1. Even Pay

As our Northern Minnesota climate changes with the seasons, your propane or fuel oil consumption will change, too.  Heating your home takes a lot more energy in the winter than in the summer, for example.

Our Even Pay program is designed to help our customers have payments that remain consistent throughout the entire year, making budgeting easier. It can be also be used in conjunction along with our pricing programs!

2. Prepay

Call in or stop by a local offices to drop off a check, cash or credit card payment. Check payments can be accepted by driver at time of delivery.

Delivery Options

1. Monitored Delivery Service

With Monitored Delivery, the team at Edwards will monitor your propane or fuel oil tank levels and make routine deliveries to your home year round.  Our customers love the peace of mind that comes from knowing that our team of local experts is watching their fuel supply around the clock.  With this option, you never have to worry about running out of home heating fuel during the coldest winter months.

2. Will Call

Do you like to monitor you own fuel levels? Sign up for our will call program where you call in for delivery in a few short days your fuel arrives. Delivery minimums apply.

This program requires the homeowner to monitor their tank levels and are responsible to call for delivery. We recommend calling at 1/4 tank for fuel oil and 20-30% for propane.

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